Who are we

With more than 5 Years of experience in the tourism industry in Cuba in the Havana for she's an important reputation gained and always with a centered setting, a reliable service, by quality, provides for the full satisfaction of the customers.

Cuba in the Havana for you is an organization, by all foreign visitors by German, English and Spanish languages, the Cuba visit, and stay in hotels in Varadero, can advance with a trip to Havana in a wonderfully American car reservations (Chevrolet, Ford).

These trips are always for a certain amount of people between 2 or 4 reserved. If the group by more than 4 is,will the trip in a van with ability of even 11 People realize. With our services you can pay with various types of excursions, always with the idea, the capital city of different perspectives to show, as the Havana, History, Tradition and reality; the Havana with Tropicana; and Havana with Buena Vista Social Club, that you personally the history of our country, Their habits and traditions to know be.

With our help will the foreign visitors with a specialized tourist guide service (always in German, English or Spanish) and guaranteed transport (with or without air conditioning) can include.